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Type Ia Supernovae are Standard Candles

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Studies of distant supernovae confirm the fine-tuning predicted in RTB’s cosmic creation model. An unexpected dimness of distant type Ia supernovae explosions was first used to infer the existence of the incredibly fine-tuned space energy density, or dark energy. Some scientists questioned whether the dimness actually indicated the presence of dark energy or if, instead, the supernovae’s properties changed over time, resulting in the dimming. A team of scientists recently observed a sample of type Ia supernovae that was over 6 times larger than any previous sample. They were able to determine the “rise times” of the light curves to rule out any evolution between distant and nearby explosions. These results further strengthen the case for the presence of dark energy and the incredible fine-tuning it requires.

o       A. Conley et al., “The Rise Time of Type Ia Supernovae from the Supernova Legacy Survey,” Astronomical Journal 132 (2006): 1707-13.


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