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Trigonometric Distance to Andromeda Galaxy

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Princeton University astronomers have developed a new distance measuring technique that soon will dramatically improve the capacity of astronomers to uncover more evidence for the supernatural creation of the universe and for the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of life. Accurate, direct distance measurements to nearby galaxies provide a foundational step for astronomers. These measurements help determine the manner in which the universe was created and the quality of design in the density parameters that govern cosmic expansion so as to make life possible. The Princeton team noted that dust in the Andromeda Galaxy overlaps the image of a much more distant galaxy that emits short-period x-ray fluctuations. The team calculated that measurements made with currently available instruments, of different times when such fluctuations stimulate a response in the Andromeda Galaxy’s dust, can produce a trigonometric determination of the Andromeda Galaxy’s distance that is accurate to one percent precision. This factor-of-five improvement in the distance measurement to Andromeda potentially will deliver even more impressive evidence for a superintelligent, supernatural Creator than we possess today.

o   B. T. Draine and Nicholas A. Bond, “Direct Extragalactic Distance Determination Using X-Ray Scattering,” Astrophysical Journal 617 (2004): 987-1003.


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