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TNRTB Classic: The Higgs Boson Detected

Nearly three years ago, I predicted that scientists would find the Higgs boson by the end of 2012. Well, news from the past week validated my “bold” statement. Now the focus shifts to the important task of measuring the properties of the newly discovered particle to see if they match those expected by particle physicists. I fully expect that these investigations will provide more evidence of the fine-tuned nature of this universe—fine-tuning it must have in order to support life. Check out the link below for the prediction about the Higgs boson detection.

Subjects: Particle Physics

Dr. Jeff Zweerink

While many Christians and non-Christians see faith and science as in perpetual conflict, I find they integrate well. They operate by the same principles and are committed to discovering foundational truths. Read more about Dr. Jeff Zweerink.