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TNRTB Classic: Protein Life Times

The more that we learn about biochemical systems, the more convinced I am that they are the Creator’s handiwork.

A few days ago, I wrote about the recent discovery that the 20 amino acids used to build proteins embody an optimal set, possessing a wide spectrum of continually varying chemical and physical properties. I assert that this type of exquisite optimization is evidence that life stems from the work of a Creator. 

But this set is not the only optimized feature in proteins. Check out this previous post on the optimization of protein lifetimes.

Subjects: Biochemical Design

Dr. Fazale Rana

In 1999, I left my position in R&D at a Fortune 500 company to join Reasons to Believe because I felt the most important thing I could do as a scientist is to communicate to skeptics and believers alike the powerful scientific evidence—evidence that is being uncovered day after day—for God’s existence and the reliability of Scripture. Read more about Dr. Fazale Rana