Reasons to Believe

The Major Biblical Creation Texts/Creation Accounts



Genesis 1

Creation chronology: physical perspective

Genesis 2

Creation chronology: spiritual perspective

Genesis 3–5

Human sin and its damage

Genesis 6–9

God’s damage control

Genesis 10–11

Global dispersion of humanity

Job 9

Creator’s transcendent creation power

Job 34–38

Physical creation’s intricacy and complexity

Job 39–42

Soulish creation’s intricacy and complexity

Psalm 8

Creation’s appeal to humility

Psalm 19

Creation’s “speech”

Psalm 33

God’s control and sovereignty over nature

Psalm 65

Creator’s authority and optimal provision

Psalm 104

Elaboration of physical creation events

Psalm 139

Creation of individual humans

Psalms 147–148

Testimony of the Creator’s power, wisdom, and care in nature

Proverbs 8

Creator’s existence before creation

Ecclesiastes 1–3

Constancy of physical laws

Ecclesiastes 8–12

Limits to human control of nature

Isaiah 40–51

Origin and development of the universe

Romans 1–8

Purposes of the creation

1 Corinthians 15

Life after life

2 Corinthians 4

Creator’s glory in and beyond creation

Colossians 1

Creation’s extent

Hebrews 1

Cosmic creation’s temporality; role of angels in creation

Hebrews 4

Role of God’s rest in creation

2 Peter 3

Creation’s end

Revelation 20–22

The new creation

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