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The Infinite Becomes Respectable in Creation

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Scientists generally regard infinities that arise in scientific theories as indicators of deficiencies. For example, when classical mechanics predicted boundless intensities from black bodies as the wavelength of the light decreased, scientists eventually restored bounds with the development of quantum mechanics—a more general and thus superior theory to classical mechanics. Similarly today, many scientists consider the infinite densities and temperatures arising in some big bang models to indicate the need for a more complete theory. However, a recent book by a preeminent cosmologist describes how cosmology seems to be moving toward the idea that the cosmos is infinitely old, infinitely large, and will exist for an infinite future. One wonders though, how much of this acceptance of infinities results from the obvious theological implications of a finite universe with a recent beginning and increasingly apparent fine-tuning.

o   Peter Coles, “From Here to Eternity,” Nature 441 (2006): 285.


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