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Testing a Dark Energy Model

Dark energy represents one of the most mysterious aspects of the universe, and a growing body of evidence–including WMAP data, Type Ia supernovae data, and SDSS data–points to its existence.

On a more recent note, a team of physicists outlined a model that shows dark energy interacting with normal matter, which will allow scientists to test the model's predictions. Whether this model proves true or not, RTB expects future research into the nature of dark energy will continue to affirm the presence of a supernatural Creator who fashioned this universe to support our existence.

Please see this previous TNRTB for a more detailed discussion on dark energy and its impact on creation models.

Subjects: Universe Design

Dr. Jeff Zweerink

While many Christians and non-Christians see faith and science as in perpetual conflict, I find they integrate well. They operate by the same principles and are committed to discovering foundational truths. Read more about Dr. Jeff Zweerink.