Reasons to Believe

Ten Major Similarities Between Calendar-Day and Day-Age Creationists

  1. The Bible must be taken literally unless the context indicates otherwise.
  2. The Bible is inerrant in all disciplines of scholarship.
  3. The universe was both transcendentally and supernaturally created.
  4. Naturalism cannot explain the origin of life.
  5. Naturalism cannot entirely explain the history of life, nor can theistic evolution.
  6. Naturalism cannot entirely explain the geophysical history of the earth.
  7. Naturalism cannot explain entirely the astrophysical history of the universe and solar system.
  8. Genesis 1 is both factual and chronological in its content. It describes God’s "very good" creation in the space of six days.
  9. Adam and Eve were a literal couple created by God just thousands of years ago.
  10. All human beings owe their descent to Adam and Eve.

Subjects: Adam and Eve, Biblical Evidence for an Old Earth , Creation "Days", Creation Miracles, Scientific Evidence for an Old Earth

Dr. Hugh Ross

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