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Temperature Control Mechanism Found

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Researchers in Spain have discovered a strong relationship between the atmosphere and ocean microorganisms that also provides additional evidence supporting RTB’s creation model. Recent research demonstrates that sunlight on the oceans stimulates growth of ocean organisms that produce a compound called dimethylsulfide (DMS). When DMS is transported to the atmosphere as an aerosol, it enhances cloud formation. Interestingly, where sunlight increases Earth’s surface temperature, cloud formation reflects sunlight to outer space, thereby cooling Earth’s surface. The recently discovered link between sunlight and cloud formation appears to provide a feedback mechanism that maintains a stable surface temperature over the oceans. Such fine-tuning comports well with RTB’s model, which posits that a supernatural Creator designed Earth to maintain a habitable environment for billions of years. 

o       Sergio M. Vallina and Rafel Simó, “Strong Relationship between DMS and the Solar Radiation Dose over the Global Surface Ocean,” Science 315 (2007): 506-08.


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