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Supernovae Produce More Elements than Previously Thought

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Studies of nuclear physics and element production provide additional evidence to buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model. Stellar fusion and supernovae generate essentially all the elements in the universe except for hydrogen and helium. However, models of these processes could not account for some elements scientists know to exist. Recently, scientists resolved this dilemma by including additional effects of neutrinos in supernova explosions. These neutrinos resulted in an abundance of neutrons, which subsequently led to the production of the formerly problematic elements. As scientists understand the universe better and resolve remaining problems, the strength of RTB’s cosmic creation model—which predicts that scientific inquiry will strengthen big bang cosmology—continues to grow.

o   C. Fröhlich et al., “Neutrino-Induced Nucleosynthesis of A>64 Nuclei: the ν-p Process,” Physical Review Letters 96 (2006): 142502.


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