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Supernova Remnant Test for Creation Models

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New measurements by astronomers have provided another refutation of a recent prediction made by young-earth creationists while confirming a contravening prediction made by old-earth creationists. Specifically, young-earth creationist organizations have published a prediction made by Danny Faulkner, a young-earth astronomer, that astronomical evidence for highly dispersed, and therefore old, supernova remnants will prove false and that astronomers will fail to uncover any more evidence for widely dispersed supernova remnants. Such supernova remnants are virtually impossible to detect in the disk of the Milky Way Galaxy because of background noise but they have been detected in the halo of the Milky Way Galaxy and in the Magellanic Clouds. Now, such a remnant has been proven to exist in a little, obscured part of the Milky Way disk. A combination of optical, radio, and X-ray measurements establish that G65.2+5.7 (the supernova remnant) has been dispersing for 300,000 years. Thus, an important prediction of the old-earth creationist model has been vindicated while the corresponding young-earth creationist prediction has been refuted again.

o   R. L. Shelton, K. D. Kuntz, and R. Petre, “G65.2+5.7: A Thermal Composite Supernova Remnant With a Cool Shell,” Astrophysical Journal 615 (2004): 275-79.


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