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Superfast Stars Used to Measure Galactic Dark Matter

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Scientists’ studies of the dark matter distribution in the Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) can reveal the fine-tuning characteristic of a superintelligent Designer at work in the universe. Certain stars move through the MWG very quickly, and accurate measurements of these stars’ motion would permit astronomers to map out the galactic dark matter distribution. The dark matter distribution affects the prominence of galactic disks and bulges. Since life-supporting solar systems form only in very restricted regions of galactic disks, understanding the dark matter distribution is vital to determining how likely it is that the MWG supports such solar systems. RTB’s creation model predicts that the nature of the dark matter in the MWG will exhibit fine-tuning to enable a life-support solar system such as ours.

o   Oleg Y. Gnedin et al., “Probing the Shape of the Galactic Halo with Hypervelocity Stars,” Astrophysical Journal 634 (2005): 344-50.


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