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Sulfocyanic Origin of Life

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Origin-of-life researchers have encountered new challenges to a naturalistic explanation of life’s origin. In attempting to simulate early Earth’s atmospheric conditions, they controlled the temperature, mixture ratios, and dehydration processes of formaldehyde and ammonium thiocyanate in a lab. They successfully synthesized low yields of four of the twenty biological amino acids necessary for the origin of life. However, their experiments are irrelevant to the origin of life since the primordial earth never manifested all the required conditions of the experiments. In particular, ammonium thiocyanate on Earth is found only at hydrothermal vents and no opportunity for dehydration exists there. Thus, it still stands that the only possible cause for life’s origin is a supernatural Creator.   

·         L. Perezgasga et al., “The Sulfocyanic Theory on the Origin of Life: Toward a Critical Reappraisal of an Autotrophic Theory,” International Journal of Astrobiology 2 (2003): 301-06.


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Subjects: Biochemical Design

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