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Stunning Success of Standard Model of Particle Physics

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Recent particle physics research provides more evidence for RTB’s cosmic creation model by confirming scientists’ understanding of the fundamental forces of nature. Physicists have known that certain physical processes produce unequal amounts of matter and anti-matter. The standard model of particle physics (which is part of RTB’s creation model and exhibits a tremendous amount of fine-tuning in the laws of physics) can explain this asymmetry, but some scientists hoped that it was instead caused by some undiscovered principle of physics. Recent particle-accelerator measurements confirmed that the standard model was indeed correct. This result further constrains any potential avenues for removing the fine-tuning seen in the fundamental laws of physics and consequently supports the idea of a supernatural Designer preparing a universe where life can exist.

o       Adrian Cho, “Tidy Triangle Dashes Hopes for Exotic Undiscovered Particles,” Science 314 (2006): 248.


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Subjects: Origin of the Universe, Particle Physics

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