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String Theory and Multiverses Affirm Biblical Creation

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The extension of string theory positing a veritable multitude of universes—or multiverses—affirms a critical component of RTB’s creation model by offering a supernatural explanation for this universe. String theorists acknowledge a large number of possible solutions to the equations of string theory and that none discovered yet looks like this universe. They also acknowledge that the fundamental constants of nature in this universe appear finely tuned to support life. To reconcile these observations, theorists posit that all possible solutions of the equations actually exist in a landscape outside this universe. However, this solution requires that something outside this universe—another way of saying supernatural—is responsible for its creation. The question then becomes whether this supernatural entity is personal or not. RTB’s cosmic creation model invites testing as it identifies the “entity” as the God of the Bible.

o   Geoff Brumfiel, “Our Universe: Outrageous Fortune,” Nature 439 (2006): 10-12.


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