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Spiral Pattern Rotation Speed Confirms Solar System’s Special Location

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A determination of the spiral structure and rotation speed of the Milky Way Galaxy shows the special location occupied by the solar system. Research by two Italian astronomers directly measures the rotation speed of the Milky Way Galaxy’s spiral arms and confirms that the solar system is located just inside the corotation radius (the radius where a body rotates at the same speed as the spiral arms). Because of its location, the solar system will pass through the spiral arms very infrequently and therefore has relatively few encounters with the dense star formation regions and gas clouds (both harmful to life) located in the spiral arms. A number of extinction events in Earth’s history coincide with the solar system’s passage through a spiral arm. In addition, the solar system resides just inside the corotation radius, toward a location of greater galactic metallicity as required for planetary formation. As scientists better understand the solar system formation processes, the evidence for a super-caring, super-intelligent Creator mounts.

o   Wilton S. Dias and J. R. D. Lépine, “Direct Determination of the Spiral Pattern Rotation Speed of the Galaxy,” Astrophysical Journal 629 (2005): 825-31.


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