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Spiral Galaxies' Spurs Reveal Fine-tuning

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Recent work modeling structure formation in spiral galaxies provides more evidence of fine-tuning of the solar system's location in the galaxy. As spiral galaxies (of which the Milky Way Galaxy is one) age, the amount of substructure between the spiral arms increases. While this factor clearly has implications for the timing of a habitable solar system (interactions with galactic structures usually destabilize planetary orbits), it appears that the solar system resides in a special location as well. Researchers have learned that the formation of harmful-to-life substructures occurs least in what's called the corotation radius, a region a precise distance from the galaxy's center. Since the solar system sits just inside the corotation radius, it will be subject to the fewest encounters with denser galactic structures. These results comport well with the work of a supernatural Creator fashioning a habitat for long-standing life, culminating in humanity's arrival. 

o   Rahul Shetty and Eve C. Ostriker, “Global Modeling of Spur Formation in Spiral Galaxies,” Astrophysical Journal 647 (2006): 997-1017.


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