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Species Coextinctions

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An international team of ecologists has uncovered another serious challenge to the evolutionary model. The team examined the dependency of so-called non-endangered species upon species that are listed as in grave danger of rapid extinction. They concluded that the extinction of several species of wasps, butterflies, and primates that are on the endangered species list will lead to the subsequent extinction of 6300 affiliate species. This study shows that extinction events are both more devastating and more frequent than what researchers had previously presumed. Consequently, evolutionists are even harder pressed than they were before to explain the speciation events that inevitably followed extinctions previous to the advent of humanity. Such extinction and speciation data, however, are precisely predicted by a biblical creation model positing a God who supernaturally creates diverse life forms for six creation periods and ceases from such creation (i.e., rests) during a subsequent seventh period.

o   Lian Pin Koh et al., “Species Extinctions and the Biodiversity Crisis,” Science 305 (2004): 1632-34.


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