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Solar Magnetism

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Solar astronomers found new evidence for the design of the Sun for humanity’s benefit in new measurements of the quiet (little flaring activity) Sun’s magnetic energy density. A new instrument allowed the team to measure the polarization of the Sun’s radiation with a hundred times greater accuracy. For the first time, they found and measured the hidden magnetic fields in the Sun’s atmosphere. The measured strength of these fields is high enough to explain the radiative energy flow from the solar corona. They also learned that the average strength of the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere and the level of anisotropy of the radiation field in the solar atmosphere must be fine-tuned to sustain human life and civilization on Earth. Thus, two more fine-tuned characteristics have been added to the list of 322 that establish a supernatural Creator designed the solar system for the specific benefit of human beings.

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·; doi:10.1038/430304a

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