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Smallness of Extra Dimensions Confirmed

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Recent gravitational tests further buttress the claim that a supernatural Creator designed the universe to support life. Theoretical work to unify the gravitational force with the other three fundamental forces appears to require the existence of extra dimensions. However, atoms, solar systems, and galaxies are unstable if the size of the extra dimensions is too large. Physicists applied experimental tests using a sensitive type of balance to determine the size of the dimensions. The tests confirmed that the extra dimensions must be smaller than 44 millionths of a centimeter. These results verify the fine-tuning inherent in the universe by demonstrating that the extra dimensions (if they exist) are small enough to not disrupt the stability of atoms, solar systems, galaxies, or other structures on which life depends.

o       D. J. Kapner et al., “Tests of the Gravitational Inverse-Square Law below the Dark-Energy Length Scale,” Physical Review Letters 98 (2007): 021101.


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