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Small Dispersion of Random Velocities in Local Galaxies

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An article in the Astrophysical Journal demonstrates that the random velocities of local galaxies is small. That these velocities are so small in spite of the clearly lumpy distribution of visible matter shows that the cosmological constant (aka space energy density) must by all-pervasively dominant. This discovery provides another independent piece of evidence that the dynamics of cosmic expansion are governed by two density parameters (mass density plus space energy density) both of which must be so extremely fine-tuned for the possibility of life’s existence as to demand the operation of a supernatural Being. As part of this discovery accurate distance measurements were made that support the conclusion that the universe has been continuously expanding for 14 billion years.

Frank Thim, et al, “The Cepheid Distance to NGC 5236 (M83) with the ESO Very Large Telescope,” Astrophysical Journal, 590 (2003), pp. 256-270.


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