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Slow Merger History

A team of astronomers has discovered more evidence for supernatural cosmic design. They observed that galaxies in the vicinity of the Milky Way manifest a slow but measurable merger rate compared to galaxies located at great distances. This means that the merger rate in galaxies for the past few billion years is much less than it was for earlier times. A high and sustained merger rate in earlier times is necessary to foster the kind of star formation and ongoing buildup of heavy elements so that life could arise at the right time in cosmic history. A low merger rate in recent times is critical for ensuring that life is not totally and permanently wiped out. This discovery indicates supernatural foresight, planning, and design.


Kevin Bundy, et al, “A Slow Merger History of Field Galaxies Since z ~ 1,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 601 (2004), pp. L123-L126.


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