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The first data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey was announced and described in the October, 2003 issue of The Astronomical Journal. Accurate positions, velocities, spectra, and distances are now available for over 180,000 galaxies and quasars within a field of 2100 square degrees. This first data release means that more evidence for the biblical cosmic creation model soon will be forthcoming. Specifically, these data will enable astronomers to develop much more definitive tests of the big bang creation models and should expose more cosmic design to view.

Kevorek Abazajian, et al, “The First Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey,” Astronomical Journal, 126 (2003), pp. 2081-2086.

RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation,” Facts for Faith, quarter 2, 2002, issue 9, pp. 32-39; Hugh Ross, “A Beginner’s—and Expert’s—Guide to the Big Bang,” Facts for Faith, quarter 3, 2000, issue 3, pp. 14-32.

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