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Simulations Confirm Model of Galaxy Growth

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·         More complete galaxy evolution simulations have provided additional evidence to buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model. In big bang cosmology, the universe begins with all matter spread uniformly throughout space. As the universe ages, the matter begins to clump together to form the irregularly shaped galaxies seen in the early universe. These irregular galaxies continue to grow and evolve into the more abundant elliptical galaxies seen today. Two Japanese scientists recently modeled this process, including more physical processes than previous simulations did. Their results confirm the course of elliptical galaxy formation predicted by big bang cosmology and, consequently, RTB’s cosmic creation model (which incorporates big bang cosmology). 

o   Masao Mori and Masayuki Umemura, “The Evolution of Galaxies from Primeval Irregulars to Present-Day Ellipticals,” Nature 440 (2006): 644-47.


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Subjects: Big Bang, Origin of the Universe, Universe Design

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