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Silicon Needed for Planetary Formation

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Astronomers have discovered more evidence for fine-tuning in planetary formation by observing an overabundance of silicon in planetary systems. Planets form in the gas clouds surrounding forming stars as dust grains coalesce into larger and larger bodies. While elements heavier than helium are necessary for this process to occur, the stars with known planets exhibit silicon (and nickel) abundances larger than the general metal-rich star population. These results demonstrate the fine-tuning in the solar system formation. While the silicon and nickel abundances increase as the universe ages, other vital metals such as uranium and thorium (which drive long-standing plate tectonics) began decreasing around the time the solar system formed. Such fine-tuning comports well with the work of a supernatural Designer preparing a life-supporting habitat, as posited by RTB’s cosmic creation model. 

o   Sarah E. Robinson et al., “Silicon and Nickel Enrichment in Planet Host Stars: Observations and Implications for the Core Accretion Theory of Planet Formation,” Astrophysical Journal 643 (2006): 484-500.


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