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Silicon Cycle Design

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French geochemists have found a new design feature for sustaining advanced life on Earth. They discovered that quartz re-precipitation plays an important role in the maintenance of the biogeochemical cycling of silicon. Silicon cycling is vital for sustaining advanced life since silicon is an important nutrient for phytoplankton (the base of the marine food chain and the dominant producer of oxygen), and the weathering of silicates removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (critical for maintaining an ideal climate). The team found that if the rate of quartz re-precipitation is either too low or too high, the cycling of silicon will be so disturbed as to damage the planet’s capability of supporting advanced life. The necessary fine-tuning of quartz re-precipitation provides additional evidence for a supernatural, super-intelligent Creator.

o   Isabelle Basile-Doelsch, Jean Dominique Meunier, and Claude Parron, “Another Continental Pool in the Terrestrial Silicon Cycle,” Nature 433 (2005): 399-402.


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