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Silicate Abundance for the Primordial Earth

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Two German cosmochemists found an important new design feature in the formation of the solar system that enables Earth to support life for billions of years. A particular abundance of silicate on Earth is critical for life to thrive for billions of years and for advanced life to exist. The two cosmochemists discovered presolar silicate grains in the primordial meteorite Acfer 094. The grains bore the formation signature of red giant stars between 1.5 and 1.65 solar masses that had an initial metal abundance close to what the Sun manifests. Consequently, the fine-tuned abundance of silicate on and in Earth for the support of advanced life requires a careful fine-tuning of the abundance, proximity, and type of red giant stars in the Sun’s galactic neighborhood throughout the 9 billion years that preceded the formation of the solar system. This much fine-tuning, together with all the rest of our galaxy’s fine-tuned characteristics, demands a supernatural Creator and Designer.

o   Smail Mostefaoui and Peter Hoppe, “Discovery of Abundant In Situ Silicate and Spinel Grains from Red Giant Stars in a Primitive Meteorite,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 613 (2004): L149-L152.


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