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Seismic Anisotropy of the Upper & Lower Mantle

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French and German geophysicists have confirmed important design features of Earth’s interior for the long-term support of life. They performed experiments on olivine minerals under temperature and pressure conditions mimicking those present in the upper and lower mantle. Their results confirm that the seismic anisotropy (the observation that seismic waves propagate with different speeds in different directions) of Earth’s upper mantle measures high while the lower mantle measures extremely low. Such seismic anisotropy values for the upper and lower mantle must be fine-tuned for Earth to possess the just-right levels of plate tectonic activity at the just-right locations for the support of abundant life on Earth’s surface for a long period of time. The exquisite nature of this fine-tuning is best explained as the handiwork of a supernatural Creator intent on preparing the best possible resources for the launch and maintenance of human civilization.

o   David Mainprice et al., “Pressure Sensitivity of Olivine Slip Systems and Seismic Anisotropy of Earth’s Upper Mantle,” Nature 433 (2005): 731-33.


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