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Science Without Experimental Verification?

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Increasing scientific support for nontestable naturalistic models argues for the recognition of testable supernatural models. One criticism scientists often level against claims for supernatural causation is that it is not experimentally verifiable. “You cannot put God in a test tube!” they state. However, many scientists such as Leonard Susskind enthusiastically support the idea that there are many universes, or multiverses, outside of the one in which we live, even though these multiverses, by definition, lie beyond direct experimental verification. In contrast, RTB’s creation model appeals to a supernatural causal Agent but outlines a number of ways to verify that Agent’s work. Certainly, if the unverifiable multiverses are part of the scientific domain, RTB’s testable creation model belongs there as well.

o   George Ellis, “Physics Ain’t What it Used to Be,” Nature 438 (2005): 739-40.


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