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RTB Covers Breaking News: Zika Virus

Headlines hint that the Zika virus could become a pandemic. With no cure and no vaccine for the disease, this virus is not only frightening but also brings up questions about God’s goodness in light of human suffering. How can this health threat be used as an opportunity for ministry? We’ve offered some initial resources here. Check back with us for additional resources as this news story develops.

"Zika Virus Outbreak 'Likely to Spread across Americas' says WHO" (Premium version for Monthly Partners)

Viruses and the Christian Faith: Redemption” (Video)

"Can Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Fight The Zika Virus?" (Radio Interview)

"Thinking about Suffering and Death, Part 1" (Article)

"God’s Goodness and the Ebola Virus" (Article)

"Viruses and God's Providence Revisited" (Article)

"Why Would God Create Mosquitoes?" (Article)

"Why All the Buzz About Mosquitoes?" (Article)

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