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Resonances Reveal Solar System Design

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Detailed analyses of known extrasolar planet systems continue to reveal the fine-tuning of the solar system. More than 20% of planetary systems contain gas giants in a 2:1 resonance (in which the closer planet orbits twice for each orbit of the more distant planet). However, strong resonances like the 2:1 resonance destabilize any other planets that might exist in the system. The passage of Jupiter and Saturn through a strong resonance early in the formation of the solar system likely disrupted the outer solar system, causing the late heavy bombardment of comets and asteroids into the inner solar system (approximately 3.8 to 4 billion years ago). Interestingly, the gas giants in the solar system reside near but outside any strong resonances—dramatically increasing the stability of the solar system. Such fine-tuning comports well with a supernatural Designer fashioning a suitable habitat for life, especially human beings.

o   C. G. Tinney et al., “The 2:1 Resonant Exoplanetary System Orbiting HD 73526,” Astrophysical Journal 647 (2006): 594-99.


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