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Requirement of Spiral Galaxy

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Astronomers have found more evidence that our galaxy possesses unique design characteristics for the support of life. Life, especially advanced life, requires a spiral galaxy with its mass, bulge size, spiral arm structures, star-age distribution, and distribution of heavy elements all fine-tuned. A team of American and German astronomers discovered that these necessary structural and morphological properties for life are missing for spiral galaxies that are either members of a cluster of galaxies or in the process of being captured by a cluster of galaxies. Evidently, interactions with other galaxies in the cluster transform both resident and accreted spiral galaxies. Therefore, only those rare spiral galaxies (such as our Milky Way) that are neither members nor in the process of becoming members of a cluster of galaxies are possible candidates for the support of advanced life. 

o   Daniel H. McIntosh, Hans-Walter Rix, and Nelson Caldwell, “Structural Evidence for Environment-Driven Transformation of the Blue Galaxies in Local Abell Clusters: A85, A496, and A754,” Astrophysical Journal 610 (2004): 161-82.


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