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Relationship Between Soil Moisture and Precipitation

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 A new discovery reveals more evidence for the supernatural design of Earth’s features for the benefit of advanced life. An international team of atmospheric physicists and climatologists has found another characteristic of Earth that must be fine-tuned for advanced life to be abundant, namely the coupling strength between local soil moisture and precipitation. This parameter, which is particularly significant in the transition zones between wet and dry regions, must be carefully fine-tuned to ensure that rainfall is at the optimal level and optimal geographical distribution for the sustaining of a large amount and diversity of advanced life forms. Determining factors for local soil moisture are soil composition, soil depth, soil albedo, and quantity, distribution, and diversity of microscopic life forms in the soil. Such fine-tuning seems no accident of nature.

o   Randall D. Koster et al., “Regions of Strong Coupling Between Soil Moisture and Precipitation,” Science 305 (2004): 1138-40.


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