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Reinforcing the Base of the Cosmological Distance Ladder

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A team of scientists has provided support for RTB’s cosmic creation model by using a novel method to measure the distance to the Andromeda galaxy. Applying detailed measurements of the light intensity and spectra from an eclipsing binary (a two-star system that undergoes mutual eclipses) in Andromeda, the team made accurate determinations of the masses, radii, and temperatures of the binary components. This information yields an essentially complete picture of the system and allowed the scientists to determine a distance to Andromeda of 2.52 million light years with 6% error. Using other binaries in Andromeda, the astronomers hope to reduce the error below 5%. Since Andromeda is over 10 times farther than the current source used to anchor the cosmological distance ladder, the overall error on all extragalactic distance measurement will be reduced by at least a factor of two. The increased accuracy of distance measurements further ensures that RTB’s cosmic creation model, which relies on accurate distance measurements, rests on a firm foundation.

o   Ignasi Ribas et al., “First Determination of the Distance and Fundamental Properties of an Eclipsing Binary in the Andromeda Galaxy,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 635 (2005): L37-40.


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