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Quintessence Constraint

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The more astronomers study the cosmos, the more they discover evidence for supernatural design. Italian astronomers analyzed measurements of 176 type Ia supernovae and strengthened the conclusion that dark energy—residual energy in empty space that is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate—yields the greatest evidence among all cosmic parameters for supernatural design. Their analysis places the best limit to date on the possible level of any “quintessence,” (variation) of cosmic dark energy. They found that the dark energy factor either does not change over cosmic history or if it’s changing, it’s not changing very quickly or by very much. Such fine-tuning of this cosmic parameter—at least 1097 times superior to the best example of human engineering design—points to a supernatural Creator.


P. Caresia, S. Matarrese, and L. Moscardini, “Constraints on Extended Quintessence from High-Redshift Supernovae,” Astrophysical Journal, 605 (2004), pp. 21-28.  

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