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Quaternary Impacts

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RTB’s biblical creation model for humanity has received another boost. Geologists have discovered more evidence for the supernatural timing of humanity’s appearance and for the recent time gap in bipedal primate populations. They found evidence for two major extraterrestrial impact events (asteroid collisions with Earth): one dated at 445,000 years ago and the other at 230,000 years ago. These events would help explain the time gap between the last known Homo erectus specimen (~500,000 years ago) and the first known specimens of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens idaltu (~150,000 years ago). Such a gap would be catastrophic to evolutionary models because hominid speciation would be impossible, but is well explained by a Creator possessing foreknowledge and Who creates new species after extinction events. 

·         Peter H. Schultz et al., “The Quaternary Impact Record from the Pampas, Argentina,” Earth and Planetary Science Letters 219 (2004): 221-38.


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