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Protracted Oxygenation of Biosphere

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 American geoscientists recently uncovered more evidence for the supernatural timing of life’s history on Earth. Since marine sulfate concentration correlates with the concentration of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere and ocean, the team made careful measurements of marine sulfate levels throughout the Proterozoic era (2.5 – 0.54 billion years ago). The researchers confirmed that oxygen levels in the atmosphere and oceans increased from about 5 percent of present levels to 5 - 15 percent between 2.5 and 2.2 billion years ago. From 2.2 to 0.8 billion years ago the oxygen levels were relatively constant and, thereafter, a relatively rapid increase in oxygenation occurred. These measurements are consistent with a component of RTB’s biblical creation model. This model features a Creator creating an enormous biomass and biodiversity of photosynthetic life with the goal of filling the huge oxygen sinks of the planet as rapidly as possible so that human beings can be brought upon the earthly scene before solar system conditions would make their existence impossible. The research team also made note of the fact that the oxygenation history and chemistry they measured produced concentrated iron and sulfur-bearing ores, which made human civilization and technology possible, and made certain trace metals available for advanced life chemistry.

o   Linda C. Kah, Timothy W. Lyons, and Tracy D. Frank, “Low Marine Sulphate and Protracted Oxygenation of the Proterozoic Biosphere,” Nature 431 (2004): 834-38.


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