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Possible Tests of String Theory

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A hallmark of the scientific process is making and testing predictions based on a given model. Many scientists question string theory’s scientific validity because no currently testable predictions have been put forth, largely because of the miniscule size of the strings and the enormous energies required to produce them. However, a period of hyper-fast expansion during the early universe (called inflation) could have resulted in a vast network of strings pervading space. Precise timing measurements of pulsars or detection of gravity waves could reveal the presence of this stringy network. Often, scientists cite the lack of testable predictions to argue against divine causation in scientific theories. In contrast, RTB’s cosmic creation model makes many detailed predictions that discriminate between a strictly naturalistic universe and one started and sustained by a supernatural Creator. 

o   Tom Siegfried, “A Cosmic-Scale Test for String Theory?” Science 313 (2006): 1880-81.


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