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Pollution Reduces Global Warming

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Atmospheric scientists have discovered more evidence to support the notion that a superintelligent Designer prepared and continues to maintain Earth as a suitable habitat for advanced life. The carbonate-silicate cycle has removed carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas, to precisely offset the heating from the Sun’s luminosity increase, but that cycle cannot compensate much longer because the biosphere needs a minimum amount of CO2. However, increased aerosol and particulate matter in the atmosphere—from both natural and man-made sources—reflects sunlight and therefore serves to cool the planet. While increased aerosols in clouds and smog diminish humans’ ability to admire the heavens, it appears they also serve to extend the habitability of Earth. These findings comport well with RTB’s cosmic creation model, in which this planet becomes uninhabitable shortly (in astronomical terms) after the arrival of humans, but not before the full conquest of evil is accomplished and the Creator prepares a new heaven and Earth.

o   Daniel Rosenfeld, “Aerosols, Clouds, and Climate,” Science 312 (2006): 1323-24.


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Subjects: Faint Sun Paradox, Geophysical Design

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