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Planets in Triple Star Systems Affirm Design of the Solar System

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Planets found in a multiple-star system further illuminate the uniqueness of the solar system in supporting a planet like Earth. A “hot Jupiter” was found orbiting the primary component of a triple star system. Two scientists studying the possible formation mechanisms determined that the star/planet system likely formed in isolation and then joined the triple system during an encounter with an open star cluster. Instead of providing evidence that planetary systems capable of supporting life are common and easily formed, this system demonstrates the various processes that can disrupt many characteristics of life-supporting solar systems. Gathering data reveals the special environment surrounding the formation of Earth’s solar system. 

o   Simon F. Portegies Zwart and Stephen L. W. McMillan, “Planets in Triple Star Systems: The Case of HD 188753,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 633 (2005): L141-44.


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