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Planetary Water Loss

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More evidence that Earth is fine-tuned for life comes from a study of possible oceans on other planets. An astronomer demonstrated that oceans on terrestrial (Earth-like) planets, if they exist, will be short-lived without the extraordinary fine-tuning that Earth manifests. This water loss is due to a chemical process called photodissociation, and should be detectable with current technology for extrasolar terrestrial planets. Therefore, astronomers should soon be able to determine what percentage of extraterrestial planets possess or possessed significant quantities of water. Such research could produce additional fine-tuning evidence and, thus, additional evidence for a supernatural Creator.

M. Jura, “An Observational Signature of Evolved Oceans on Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 605 (2004), pp. L65-L68; I.-Julianna Sackmann and Arnold I. Boothroyd, “Our Sun. V. A Bright Young Sun Consistent with Helioseismology and Warm Temperatures on Ancient Earth and Mars,” Astrophysical Journal, 583 (2003), pp. 1024-1039.



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