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The hope-filled but data-challenged (from an evolutionary perspective) discipline of astrobiology continues to provide evidence for supernatural cosmic design. Astronomers have demonstrated that the laws of physics and the gross features of the universe must be fine-tuned for physical life to be possible in the universe. Such design is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for life. For life to emerge naturally either replicator molecules much simpler and smaller than DNA and RNA must exist in great abundance or there must exist some hidden self-organizing principle in physics. Both hypotheses, explains one astrophysicist, would demand even greater fine-tuning of the laws of physics. Thus, attempts to dismiss biblical accounts of creation simply force to a much greater degree the Creator’s supernatural design of the universe and the laws of physics. 

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RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity,” Facts for Faith, quarter 1, 2002, issue 8, pp. 24-31.

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