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Origin of Elements #4

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Astronomers have discovered another reason for why the number and type of gamma-ray burst events throughout cosmic history must be fine-tuned for advanced life to be possible. They found that the vigorous winds blown out from gamma-ray events contribute appreciably to the total galactic inventories of titanium, copper, zinc, and scandium. Copper and zinc are vital poisons, meaning that either too much or too little of these metals in the environment proves fatal to advanced life. Titanium and scandium have valued industrial applications. To get copper, zinc, titanium, and scandium at the just-right levels for advanced life requires that the number and type of gamma-ray burst events be carefully fine-tuned. Such fine-tuning adds to the evidence for supernatural design.

Jason Pruet, Rebecca Surman, and Gail C. McLaughlin, “On the Contribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts to the Galactic Inventory of Some Intermediate-Mass Nuclei,” Astrophysical Journal Letters, 602 (2004), pp. L101-L104.


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