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Origin of Elements #3

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Astronomers have discovered more evidence that the universe appears to have been designed for the benefit of human civilization and technology. They accurately measured the silicon abundance in the intergalactic medium. The measured value finds an easy explanation only in the context of supermassive Population III stars (metal-free stars) predicted by big bang creation. This silicon in such an early part of cosmic history sets the stage for the later production of the just-right elements in the just-right abundances at the just-right times for the support of advanced life. These parameters support a supernatural cosmic creation model. 

Anthony Aguirre et al., “Metallicity of the Intergalactic Medium Using Pixel Statistics: III. Silicon,” Astrophysical Journal, 602 (2004), pp. 38-50.

RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity,” Facts for Faith, quarter 1, 2002, issue 8, pp. 24-31.

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