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Origin of Elements #1

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A team of astronomers has discovered more evidence for supernatural design and thereby affirmed RTB’s testable creation model anew. They found that three different kinds of stars contributed to forming the life-essential s-process (slow nucleosynthesis) elements on Earth. Stars of all three types must predate the emergence of the solar system and they must form, burn, and scatter their ashes in the just-right amounts in the vicinity of the nebula that led to the formation of the solar system. This unlikely set of circumstances indicates supernatural foresight, planning, and design.

Claudia Travaglio, et al, “Galactic Evolution of Sr, Y. and Zr: A Multiplicity of Nucleosynthetic Processes,” Astrophysical Journal, 601 (2004), pp. 864-884.


RTB articles: Hugh Ross, “Anthropic Principle: A Precise Plan for Humanity,” Facts for Faith, quarter 1, 2002, issue 8, pp. 24-31.

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