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Organic Aerosol Lifetimes

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 An interdisciplinary team of American scientists has found more features of Earth and life on Earth that suggest supernatural design. They noted that aerosols (small liquid or solid particles suspended in the atmosphere) play a critical role in maintaining a life-suitable climate. Aerosols affect how much solar radiation is reflected into space or absorbed into the troposphere. They also noted that organic aerosols make up about 37 percent of all aerosols and their research produced the first accurate measure of the lifetimes of various organic aerosols in the troposphere. For Earth’s climate to be kept within the range necessary for the support of abundant advanced life, both the rate of production of organic aerosols into the troposphere and the lifetimes of organic aerosols in the troposphere must be fine-tuned. Such design testifies of a supernatural, superintelligent Creator.

o   Steven F. Maria et al., “Organic Aerosol Growth Mechanisms and Their Climate-Forcing Implications,” Science 306 (2004): 1921-24.


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