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Optimal Design of Ecosystem

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A new study confirms declarations in the Bible (e.g. Job 39 and Psalm 104) that God creates life with optimal designs in the ecological relationships between plants and animals. Researchers found that protecting forests in the Peruvian Amazon from species-specific herbivores resulted in certain forest species crowding out others. Evidently, the great diversity of herbivore species, with many of them specializing on just one or two plant species, promotes both the health and the diversity of plant species by ensuring that each plant species remains confined to the habitats for which it is best suited. This delicate ecological balance reflects the wisdom of an intelligent Creator.

o   Paul V. A. Fine, Italo Mesones, and Phyllis D. Coley, “Herbivores Promote Habitat Specialization by Trees in Amazonian Forests,” Science 305 (2004): 663-68.


Subjects: Life Design

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