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Olivine of Supernova Origin Affirms Solar System Design

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Three American astronomers have found new evidence for design in the formation of the solar system. In order to have rocky planets (like Earth), the solar nebula from which the planets condense must contain sufficient heavy elements. These heavy elements are produced almost exclusively in the supernovae explosions that occur when sufficiently large stars exhaust their fuel. To account for the abundance of elements and their isotopes in the solar system, two different types of supernovae needed to occur near the solar nebula at the time the solar system formed. If the location and timing of the supernovae are not fine-tuned, the solar nebula will either be blown apart or will not acquire adequate quantities of the heavier elements. The isotopic abundances found in olivine grains in cometary dust studied by these astronomers demonstrated this fine-tuning of location and timing, thus affirming the work of a supernatural Designer in the solar system.

o   Scott Messenger, Lindsay P. Keller, and Dante S. Lauretta, “Supernova Olivine from Cometary Dust,” Science 309 (2005): 737-41.


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