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No Water Found on Extrasolar Planet

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The first-ever spectral measurement of an extrasolar planet affirms the uniqueness and design of the solar system and the only known habitable planet, namely Earth. While the list of known planets outside the solar system numbers over 200, a team of US astronomers recently measured the spectrum (distribution of electromagnetic radiation) of such a planet for the first time. This Jupiter-like planet is eclipsed by the parent star it orbits. By subtracting detailed spectra taken during an eclipse from non-eclipse spectra, the team provided the first spectral measurements of the planet itself. Contrary to expectations based on gas giants in the solar system, this extrasolar planet showed no evidence of significant water. Such results comport well with RTB’s creation model, which holds that a supernatural Creator specifically fashioned our galaxy, solar system, and planet with proper resources—including abundant liquid water—to sustain diverse and complex biological life.  

o       C. J. Grillmair et al., “A Spitzer Spectrum of the Exoplanet HD 189733b,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 658 (2007): L115-L118.


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