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No Nearby Supernovae During Human History

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Detailed analysis of ice cores reveals more evidence consistent with the work of a super-caring Creator preparing a supportive environment for life. While supernovae played an integral role in preparing the universe for life, one that occurs near a planet containing life could have catastrophic effects—particularly on more-advanced life. A team of US scientists analyzed ice cores dating to 70 thousand years ago and concluded that no supernovae occurred within 450 light years of Earth during that time. Thus, Earth and humanity have not been subjected to the potentially devastating effects that a nearby supernova would cause. Such results further affirm RTB’s cosmic creation model, which posits life-maintaining activities from a supernatural Creator.

o       A. L. Cole et al., “The Search for Supernova Grains in an Ice Core,” Astrophysical Journal 652 (2006): 1763-67.


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